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Jual Mesin Filling Cairan dan Pasta – MSP-FL300 di Bogor

Mesin Filling Cairan (liquid) dan Pasta (cream)

Mesin ini berfungsi untuk mengisi secara otomatis dan terukur produk cair dan pasta (cream).

Aplikasi Mesin : untuk industri kosmetik, minuman, shampo, saus, pasta gigi, susu, dll


Keunggulan mesin Filling Liquid dan Pasta ini

  1. Menggunakan sistem pneumatic control
  2. Mudah pengoperasian
  3. Cocok untuk berbagai produk cair dan pasta
  4. Bisa mengisi produk cair dan pasta secara kontinyu dengan ukuran volume dan konstan
  5. Stainless steel food grade
  6. Mudah pengoperasian dan pembersihan

Video Mesin Filling Otomatis Cairan dan Cream



Spesifikasi Mesin Filling Cairan dan Pasta

  • Tipe : MSP-FL300
  • Listrik : 50 watt, 220V
  • Rentang Pengisian : 10-300 ml
  • Kisaran Tekanan Udara : 4-6 kg/cm2
  • Kecepatan Pengisian : 0-30 botol/min
  • Jumlah Keran Pengisian : 1
  • Dimensi : 100x43x67 cm
  • Berat : 45 kg

Semi-automatic filling machine piston filler is driven by a cylinder and piston made from materials with FIVE-way valves control the flow of materials, and magnetic reed switch control cylinder itinerary can be regulated filling volume.

Rational design of the aircraft, model compact, easy to operate, are used with pneumatic part of Germany and Taiwan AirTac FESTO the pneumatic components.

Some contact materials are used 304 stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP requirements. Filling volume and speed of filling can be arbitrary regulation, filling high accuracy.


This machine adopts full pneumatic control and owns a wide application scope, simple measuring regulation, good shape and convenient cleaning, suitable for the explosion-proof unit.

l  1,Be used for filling with particulate matter sauce,paste,liquid and other material;

l  2,Some of the materials used 316L stainless steel;

l  3,Full pneumatic control, easy to operate,remove and clean; Ideal equipment for filling


Suitable for medicine, daily life products, and food and special industries. And it is an ideal device for adhesive fluid filling.

The machine is suitable for filling food trades (such as: pearl milk tea natal de coco hick broad-bean sauce chili sauce peanut sauce etc); cosmetics (shampoo frost shower gel); daily health product (toothpaste).

The machine adopts pneumatic working principle, simple operation, high filling precision, is a certain concentration or certain size granular materials ideal filling equipment.


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